Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dwarven Doomsday Cults

On the street corner a dwarf in stained miner's overalls covered by a tattered homespun robe held aloft a stone tablet and yelled over and over again "The end is near! The Firewyrm has hatched and is burrowing up to devour all!" Passers by seemed to become caught up the ranting, forming an ever growing crowd that began to block the street. A large squad of patrolman came down the street, looking to disperse the crowd before it became a mob.

Allianora sprinted across the street toward the dwarf, startling her companions. "What is she up to now?" Nimble complained.

"What she always does. She sees a troubled soul, and steps in to help." Feris answered with a sigh.

"We get into more trouble because she wants to help." Rathgar pointed out.

"On the other hand, we've made some friends along the way. Besides, it's taken us interesting places."

Pushing through the gawkers, she hopped up on the wall next to the dwarf. Allianora took a quick glance at the tablet and the startled dwarf, then turned to the soldiers. "I've got this."

They hesitated, their clubs ready to start enforcing order as needed. "Lady, I appreciate that, but we've got to get the road clear."

"I have to spread-" The dwarf began to yell over them.

Turning swiftly she put her and on his shoulder. "Friend." she commanded with the force of her god. "Believe me, we'll share word of it together."

His features relaxed as the spell took hold. "Thank you lady."

As one, the crowd blinked and shook themselves out of their trance, and continued on their ways.

Dwarves are creatures of the earth, diggers who often spend their lives rarely seeing the open sky. Some clans have tunneled so far, for so long, and so deep that they no longer know the touch of the sun. And when they delve so deep, they find things... Powerful things like Balrogs, Titans, and worse. Some clans aren't wiped out, but become corrupted worshipers of these dark primordial beings. Occasionally missionaries are sent out to spread the word, and they take with them tokens of what's to come.

Fireyrm Tablet

Carved with an artistic likeness of the fireworm and it's humanoid form on one side, and inscribed with the profane prophesy of doom. Reading the prophesy causes anyone within earshot to stop and listen (with a failed Will/Charm save). Listening though repeated recitations of the tablet causes a Charm Person type effect to overtake the crowd, instilling a certainty that the world will end in fire and death, and soon. They will then act with predictable chaos and destruction.


  1. Interesting. I created one based on real world events. An astronomer making observations of the sun noticed huge 'tentacles' reaching out from the sun so now there is a new cult of chaotic dwarves who think the sun is some tentacled horror. They have fled Rockhome for Karameikos and massacred the village of Reedle on their journey.