Sunday, April 17, 2016

Moon Maidens

"How can they not know?" Allianora asked

The acolyte shrugged. "It's what they say. She's there, but... aside from granting spells, she doesn't communicate with them."

"And this has been checked out?"

"Oh yes. They're quite happy to allow people to come and worship her. Having a living goddess in residence makes for some impressive attendance"

"But she doesn't say anything?"

"No, but merely being in her presence is a something. You can feel the power radiating off of her..."

The avatar of the moon goddess lounges placidly in her temple, as she is adored by all those who enter her presence. If she stood, it is estimated that she would tower near 20' tall. A shadow drake, her companion, watches over her, preventing anyone from coming too close. Her headdress grows a variety of night blooming flowers, and the petals are collected by servants of the temple. These petals are instrumental in the brewing of a variety of poisons as well as useful ingredients in potions of eternal slumber, dreamspeech, and ethereality, and also highly potent reagents for rituals of prophecy.

Slight posting delay due to a cold. Apparently I don't write well under the effects of cold medicine. Go figure...

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