Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bear Cult

The low glow of the fire's embers cast a soft red light in the small cave. The smell of earth, smoke, sweat, and beer filled the air. The rumble of snores from the fur covered bed in the back of the cave masked any noise that Nimble made as he crept toward the massive iron bound chest. Behind the lock and under the lid was the Heart of the Wild, a giant ruby that Nimble wanted for... Well, mostly because it was a giant ruby!

Fur pelts covered the floor away from the cave entrance, and the stone still held the heat of the ceremony and the fire and the cultists that had crowded the cave for the many hours that Nimble had waited in the cold forest for just this opportunity.

Nimble dropped to one knee in front of the chest, and with a quick final glance around, began to pick the lock. As he did, the fur rug beneath him shifted. Looking over his shoulder he saw the bearskin stand up, it's dead eyes looking at him, the jaw slowly working out the stiffness in it's joint.

Bear Skin Rug

This pelt has been enchanted to guard whatever room it's is placed in. When inactive, only a faint preservative magic can be detected on it, however once a threat has been identified (the criteria for this are determined every time the rug is brought into a new room) the magics activate and animate the rug. Once animated the rug will attack whoever has been deemed the threat. The rug will attack as per the type of bear it's made from. It will have half the normal number of hit points, but be immune to bludgeoning weapons, and take only half damage from piercing weapons. Magical weapons will still inflict their full enchantment bonus, regardless of weapon type.

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