Friday, April 8, 2016

Guardians of the Glade

After days of travel the companions were tired, mud soaked, and cold, and now they found themselves surrounded by archers. Mostly elves, but a few humans and even a halfling had their weapons trained on the party. 

 One of the archers, a haughty elf approached the party.

"Please, we're-" Allianora halted as the elf raised her bow toward her.

"Have you ever stood before a god?" While his voice quivered with emotion, the arrow trained on Allianora wavered not a hair.

Shaking her head, she replied softly "No."

"Well I have. And though I'm sure you think you have a good reason to come to our glade, I assure you that you do not. Turn around and go. Now, before your bones-"

"We've come to see Gumtu." Rathgar snapped over the elf's monologue. "We have a gift... and a request." Rathgar reached over and opend the small chest in Nimble's hands. Nimble held stock still, eyes fixed on the arrow tips pointed at him, wondering how many he couldn't see.

Glances shot back and forth among them. "Who sent you?"

"My goddess." Allianora shot back, pulling her holy symbol from beneath her muddy tunic. .

"We were told to expect a delegation... we expected someone... else" he finished lamely. Around them bows we lowered and arrows returned to their quivers.

Local gods (genius loci) are not particularly powerful outside their limited sphere of influence, and are generally loathe to leave it, but on occasion they can be coaxed out of their comfort zone. Doing so usually requires a gift that they deem to be worthy of their attention. Their local worshipers tend to be about as devoted as your average brainwashed cultist, but more because the god's direct impact on their lives rather than through any untoward influence.

Guardians of the Glade
This set of seven stone animal figures, when burred around the perimeter of an area up to their necks allows anyone attuned to them to see through the stones merely by concentrating on them. Those looking through the stones can detect invisible at the least. Some sets can pierce the invisibility, see through illusions, detect magic or evil. and the most powerful sets are said to be able to prevent things from crossing the marked perimeter.

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