Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wizard's Robes

It's a well established truism that wizards are weird. That they involve themselves with things man was not meant to know, consort with demons, dabble in alchemy, collect assortments of strange, bizar, and sometime disgusting items.

But what if you roll up a wizard with a high charisma? What if you have a wizard who likes the finer things in life? In that case you might end up with someone who looks like this:

As they are the robes of a magic user, they are often enchanted with a variety of minor magical effects. Common enchanted robes include the following:
1. Nystal's Amazing Robes - Radiate such magical energy that non-magical individuals can sense the power. +1 to reaction rolls
2. Velra's Pristine Robes - Always clean, even when wading through dungeon muck.
3. Red Mountain Robes of Comfort - Temperatures between freezing and 110 are equally comfortable to the wizard.
4. Student's Robes - Allow a wizard to be fully rested on 6 hours of sleep (must be worn for the previous 18 hours).

Source: Fre(e)men

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