Thursday, July 25, 2013

NPC: Makpal Abdrazakova, Golden Eagle Hunter

The rhythmic pounding of the yakmen's hooves across the field kicked up a low cloud of dusk. Off in the distance and directly in their path, a thin reed of smoke drifted up into the air, marking their destination.

From deep in the tall grass Makpal whispered "Hunt" to the eagle and lifted her arm. It spread its wings and pushed off, taking flight toward the herd that trotted eastward toward the village of Aksu-Ayuly.

"Archers, be ready" She ordered.

The eagle swooped toward the yakmen, silent and unseen. It struck the rearmost beast, raking its face, before lifting off again.The rest of the herd staggered to a halt, and turned toward their injured member.

"Now" Makpal ordered. The archers stood as one, rising above the grass, and let their arrows fly. The yakmen staggered, and the archers let fly with a second shot.

Makpal Abdrazakova, Golden Eagle Hunter
Lawful Human Fighter 6
S: 14
I: 13
W: 12
D: 10
Cn: 9
Ch: 13

AC: 6
hp: 28
Dmg: 1d8+1

Equipment: Studded Leather +1, Saber (counts as longsword), Golden Eagle animal companion.

Makpal Abdrazakova: AC 6, HD 6, hp 28, MV 120' (40'); #AT 1 saber; Dmg 1d8+1; THAC0 17; Save F6; ML 10; AL L; XP 500

Golden Eagle: AC 7, HD 1, MV 450' (150') #AT 3 (claw/claw/bite); Dmg d3; THAC0 19; Save F1; ML 10 (8); AL N; XP 13

When in flight golden eagles can make a swoop attack as their first attack with a +2 to hit with their claws and inflicting double damage on a successful attack. When trained from birth, Golden Eagles will have a morale of 10.

Source: Kazakhstan’s lone female eagle hunter

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