Monday, July 29, 2013

Magic Mayhem Monday: Flesh Cage of the Witch Queen Shen'Dall

Tenkar's Magic Mayhem Monday

With a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder, the mummified remains of the witch queen crumbled. The smell of ozone and old dust wafted through the air as Rathgar pulled himself out of the collapsed bookshelf. "THE FRELLING HELL" he yelled, trying to be heard over the ringing in his ears.

Nimble shook his head a couple of times, then snapped his fingers next to his ears. "A lightning bolt?" he said, not quite yelling.

"Sorry, I didn't actually know what the wand would do." Feris said sheepishly as he tucked the teak wand into his belt. "But I figured... Was that glowing before?" He pointed to a fleshy cube hanging from the ceiling that gave off a pinkish glow.

"No, it wasn't" Allianora said with a frown.

Nimble grabbed his pole, and unhooked the chain holding it to the ceiling. He lowered the box down, and set it on a table in the corner. Through the gaps in the stretched flesh, A dry looking larval thing squirmed on the bottom of the box. It reared up and the witches face looked back at the companions, and hissed.

Flesh Cage of the Witch Queen Shen'Dall
This cage was created by Shen'Dall to contain souls that she used to trade with demonic merchants. Destroying the mortal form of a creature with a soul by magic allows the cage to grab the soul and contain it at the moment of death. The cage can only contain a single soul at a time, and the soul can only survive for 48 hours thus caged before it will die permanently.

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