Monday, July 1, 2013

Prop Map of Numinor

There's just something wonderful about a map, even more so when put together in such a tableau as this.

I wish I had the time to create such wonderful maps and props for my games. Unfortunately it seems that most of the time I end up just printing something out, or even just showing a picture on the computer screen.

There have been a few times where I've gone and made maps and props like this for a game, but they've primarily been for LARPing, and usually for my own costume.

Have you ever made a prop map for your game? Poll off to the right, as usual!

Map by Tóbal, and found on his blog El Dodo Albino


  1. I use prop maps quite a bit, though the most successful one I have developed so far I hand drew on an old, smaller battle mat that our group was no longer using. I used the usual wet-erase markers and incorporated the map in the game to help visualize the players' overland travels.

    Geoff at ROFL Initiative

  2. I do it sometimes. But never like this. My best one is this:
    It was the beginning of a new campaign that runs for over two years now... Oh, yes and it's in German and I just realized, the village in the middle probably doesn't sound so well, if you pronounce it in English... lol.;)
    More often I write or print letters. So much better than telling the players something, they'll forget anyway...

    Oh, and I use printed maps, too, mostly nicked and changed village maps from the net.