Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Synthexia - Gygaxian Democracy in action

Over on Google+ there has been a trend of crowd sourcing gaming material (aka Gygaxian Democracy). One of the biggest ones was the Hexenbracken, an unkeyed hex map that was started by Zak Smith, and filled in by anyone who wanted to toss in an idea. It was followed by Krall, Zhaar, and now Synthexia is in progress.

What is known of the Hexenbracken is that it is characterized by shipwrecks, goblin raiders, and a very thin veil between this world and the next. There are rumors of hyperintelligent monkeys, Queen Jane suspects an insect cult in the south, and the central mountains are dominated by the ruins of an ancient black marble city.

The Kraal is a frozen waste full of frost giants, mastodons, devil swine. A land of never ending winter.

The sand grinds down, the fungus overtakes, and the land itself manifests volcanic fury in The Colossal Wastes of Zhaar. Some must have prospered here, their ruins used and re-used by those who now scrape a living from this desolate stretch. Conflict stirs as many factions vie for control of the few pockets of wealth and comfort. The ram-horned, insects, jackal-men, scaled creatures great and small, and those from outside live among monuments to the dead and undead, strange machinery, creeping sands, and stalking lava.

What's Synthexia about? Crystal swords, laser beams and synthetic 80's fever dreams. This is the map of "Synthexia", the last fragments of a shattered world within the void held together by forgotten remnants of the oldest magics.

There's still some time to get your crazy ideas out there... Just click here!


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