Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Weird Wedding

Game played on 3/7
DM - Greg Backus
Nick the Pike - Me
Portomis - Michael Henry
Godfry - Jeffrey Osthoff
Radomir - Eeri Oikarinen

The sound of wood cracking against wood echoed down the alley. “That’s good Sacco! Again!” Nick said as he tightened his grip on his shield and wooden practice blade. Sacco was looking past Nick, however. Nick, thinking Sacco might be trying to trick him, took a step back before glancing over his shoulder. Standing behind him was a grinning wolf-headed man dressed in rich velvet and lace.

“Are you the human known as Nick the Pike?”

“I am.” Nick answered cautiously.

“Then please allow my to present you with this” The creature reached into his doublet and removed a sparking envelope. “It would bring the greatest pleasure to my master and his future mistress if you would attend their upcoming nuptials.” He held out the envelope.

Nick put down the sword and shield and took the offered envelope, removed the invitation to the upcoming nuptials of Baron Veriwulf and Lady Badweather and read it. “Sacco? Go tell the others that we’re going shopping. We’re going to a party!”

The large carriage appeared in front of Nick’s townhouse. While like most carriages it had 4 wheels, doors for the passengers, and a spot for a driver, this was close to the extent of any similarities it shared with any other carriage to be found anywhere near the town of Dahar. The first thing that the people on the street, and Sacco (who was keeping watch) noticed was that it just appeared. It also appeared to be made of some sort of strange material that both sparkled and seemed to absorb the day’s light.

The carriage also didn’t appear large enough to hold Nick’s entire party. Yet they dutifully left the townhouse, and one by one, stepped aboard. Within Nick found that there were several other passengers aboard. He introduced himself and his entourage to the strange characters. Like himself, the other guests were dressed in their adventuring gear. Unlike the other guests, Nick and his hirelings had spiffed themselves up with matching forest green and golden yellow tunics. Among the other passengers were Godfry, Portomis, and Radomir the Carcossian.

The carriage rumbled, and after a streaking white light appeared at the top of a hill, heading down toward a large manor house. The grounds were sprinkled tables and chairs, and numerous figures were milling about. Off to the right of the manor was a foreboding wood, and off to the left was a large gazebo. Behind them, and above them all was a pale purple.

As the carriage wound its way down the path Nick took the opportunity to take a closer look at the manor house. The main house was two stories tall, stately, if a little squat for the footprint. To either side were slightly shorter wings. The people milling about came more into focus, and Nick noted that there were relatively few humans in the group. About half of the attendees appeared to be werewolves! The other half was an odd mix that included devil faced individuals, skeletons, and even wilder figures.

Walking among them was a surreal experience, especially the undead waitstaff. Nick passed on the appetizers (slugs on crackers) and after chatting with a few of the other guests went exploring the house with some of his carriage mates. The main hall included a large dance area and many tables. Off to the right the wing seemed to be dominated by an indoor garden. To the left was a large library. The group decided to check that out first. Within was a collection not only of books, but also of a number of interesting curiosities. Among them was a strange machine with a funnel on top, a living paper city, and a highly decorative box with a set of large cards.

Godfry decided to pick a card, and it showed a keep. Nick took a card with a shrug, and beheld a field of fire with an angry looking figure looking back at him. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end. tossing the card down, he looked over his shoulder. Through the doorway he could see an immaculately dressed individual with blood red eyes staring at him with barely contained ire. Unfortunately this guy sat at a table right next to Nick’s table. It made for an uncomfortable dinner.

I believe that it was Portomis who dropped several items into the funnel, and from the hole below emerged a lump of metal. Apparently it was some sort of combiner. He claimed the items were evil, but Nick took it anyway, seeing as it contained some precious metals.

A short time later everyone was called together, and calls for the pre-wedding fight to begin were made. Nick found himself with Godfrey and Portomis facing three wolfheaded opponents. One tossed flask of oil, and a pike to the face ended the fight very quickly. In spite of the speed of the event, the crowd seemed pleased with the performance. All except for the devil who’d taken a dislike to Nick...

After the ceremony maggots were thrown at the bride and groom. Nick decided that he needed to do something about the deck of cards... While he considered tossing it into a fireplace, Portomis talked him out of that idea, and instead suggested drawing more cards. Well, after combat with wolfmen, several drinks, and the general weirdness of the day, Nick decided this was the way to go. His next draw showed an empty hill with a bird of prey above. Nick picked again, and drew the Jester. From the main room a jolly looking man of perhaps 5 feet tall, dressed very much as the figure in the card broke away from an intimate group and walked over to Nick and took the cards from him, and began to shuffle them.

“I am Balo, Jester of Chaos. Would you dare make me smile and draw two more cards?” He asked with a twinkle in his eye.

Nick considered for a mere moment before saying “Yes” and nodding his head. Balo grinned, and fanned the cards out. Nick picked two and turned them over one at a time. A Moon, and the Jester!

Balo roared with laughter, and said as he took the cards back “Well played!”

Nick, dazed and confused, returned to the carriage. His companions were all around him, except for Sacco, and Boarface looked beyond upset. “What happened? Where’s Sacco?” Nick asked.

“They ripped him apart.” Kaldue answered.

“Where were you?” Boarface asked. “You hired him, you hired us, you brought us to a party, and you let him die, and you weren’t even there.”

Nick sat stunned, more confused than before.

Nick's picks from the Deck of Many Things were the following:
Flames - Causes an enmity between the character and an outsider.
Talons - Every magic item the character owns or possesses disappears permanently. Nick didn't have any magic to lose!
Jester - The character can gain experience points or two more draws from the deck.
1/4 Moon - The character gains a magical wish.
Jester - The character can gain experience points or two more draws from the deck.

Nick ended the adventure with 10,000 XP, an unused wish, and the enmity of the unnamed devil.


  1. This was one fun adventure :)

    I like my venus flytrap-like plant!

  2. That was a fun game. There was also a jaunt into the garden to find the dragon of probability, but a big rift in the ground was found instead. :)