Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Map Drafts

As I said in my previous post, I was going to sit down and do another draft of my megadungeon 1st level. Well, I did, and I made the changes I wanted to incorporate. The main changes I wanted were as follows:

1. Simplified for easier G+ games - I found that describing the dungeon was a bit of a chore over Google+ hangouts. It wasn’t so much that my design was all that weird, it was that the design got in the way of game-play. It doesn’t matter how cool something is (and I’m not claiming my megadungeon is cool) if it gets in the way of playing the game!

2. Make first choices more meaningful - The first room of the dungeon had 4 doors, and 2 of them went to the same spot immediately. How boring.

3. Clearer definition of the different areas of the dungeon - the different corridors of the original map were rather muddled, and twisted together. I don’t mind everything being connected eventually, but I wanted a little more separation between the areas the doors in the first room head toward.

Here’s the comparison. First the original, then the newest version.

All in all I think I did a pretty good job. I do keep looking at the really long corridor running along the top edge of the map... 160 feet of straight empty corridor... That’s bound to make any adventurer nervous. Maybe I’ll leave it empty for just that reason!


  1. Is that first room cut off by portcullises and lined with arrow slits like it looks to be?

    If so, heh, I did the same thing (sssh! Don't tell my players).

    1. Gallery windows looking down from the corridor above actually. But arrow slits is a good idea too!