Saturday, March 3, 2012

Starport Saturday - The Pleasure Palace

A116 - The Pleasure Palace

A two meter tall waterfall near the door of this shaded storefront. While helps to hide the talk of those within, it does nothing to disguise the chemical and floral scents that all but billow from the open doorway. Above is a blue sparkly sign that reads “Pleasure Palace” in several languages. Within is an odd juxtaposition of clean clinical form and soft decorative touches. The space is divided into different areas for a variety of pampering opportunities. A number of chairs and benches are available for hair/fur care, pedicures, massage, steam & heat rooms, and some minor form of body modifications (piercings, glo-tats, etc.).

Madam Feluria, the proprietor of Pleasure Palace is a gender neutral grey alien who is always seen adorned in flowing floral prints and a wig, usually pink or purple. She does her best to maintain an atmosphere of friendly relaxation where her customers can gossip and chat.

The Pleasure Palace is a great spot to pick up rumors, though only for those of the feminine persuasion. In addition, the quality of the rumors tends to be more accurate, even if the topics tend to be of less value to adventurers.

1d6 Rumors

1. Terellian Sandswine, according to the newest article in “Interstellar Beauty” are the best bet for keeping your ship space-mite free, in addition to it’s natural calming effects, and out of this world scent!
2. Captain Jarek Froqu (silent q) of the tramp freighter Long Haul is rarely seen off his ship, and his buying agent Lady Janet Froqu is rarely seen on the ship.
3. Due to a spiritual revolution in a far off system, the stock of cheap hair for various decorative uses has dried up, causing a sharp spike in prices.
4. The new fad of applying Delvian crystals on the face and hands has caused their cost to increase for the previous main users of the crystals - Mynock hunting. The hunters are very unhappy!
5. Gabby Garah, the newest pop-singer sensation was seen wearing Andorian Moon-pearls - they’re going to be huge once word gets around.
6. The stock of Pantene Proto-V is rapidly diminishing due to a blockade of the system where it’s manufactured.

As an ongoing project I’m stocking the map above with shops and characters, making it something of a mini-campaign setting. However, it’s also want to open to you. This is your chance to be a guest blogger here at Tower of the Archmage! All you need to do is to pick one (or more) of the different stores, and write up a description of what type of store it is!

How to get involved: Leave me a comment or an e-mail letting me know you want to join in, and pick a space. Write your post (or posts if you’re feeling ambitious). Send me your post via e-mail, and I’ll get it up, probably on a Saturday.

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  1. What a great idea. I'd never have thought to do this but it works so well.

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