Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kickstarter Rusty Axe Dungeon Tiles

There have been a number of Kickstarter projects that have gotten a lot of press within the OSR, including (but not limited to) Dungeonmorph Dice, ACK, and Dwimmermount, but one project that I haven't seen get anything written about it is Rusty Axe Games' Dungeon Tiles.

Maybe it's because there are lots of dungeon tile set out there already? Maybe. On the other hand, they aren't looking for much, and for the price it seems like you get a lot... plus it also comes with token packs:

If you're at all interested they've even put together a free sample pack for you to check out before you pledge. Click here to download.

It's worth checking out.

Sorry for the lack of posts... This week has turned into an owlbear with a bad case of dungeon mites. I've got about 4 posts half written, including an actual play report, and another that I still need to do after that, unfortunately I've also got nearly 300 pages of dense accounting textbook to wade through before Sunday.

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