Friday, March 16, 2012

Alien Infection Zed

“Oh...” Derek groaned as consciousness was thrust upon him. The sunshine streamed through the window, piercing his eyes with a level of violation usually reserved for ultra-violent video games.

The next assault on his senses came to his nose. With a grunt, he sat up and looked around the room. Bodies lay sprawled where they fell, and from the smell of it, many of them were soaking in their own fluids. “Well, I guess we’re not getting our deposit back...” Stepping between the various limbs he made his way to the hotel room’s bathroom. Hope for a shower was dashed by the pair immobile forms at the bottom of the tub.

Turning to the sink, he emptied the bottles and cups that were all over the counter, and dumped them into the trash. He then turned on the water and splashed it on his face. Cranking the hot water on, he striped off his ruined shirt and made the best use of a washcloth, doing his best to rid himself of the smell of cheap booze.

The sound of running water reminded him that no matter how bad he felt, nature finds a way... So he pulled the shower curtain closed and sat down on the toilet. “Excuse me guys” he said to the forms now hidden by the thick plastic.

Standing back in the hall he grabbed the do not disturb sign off the back of the door knob, unlatched the security bolt and opened the door. Some woman he didn’t recognize had been slumped against the door. Her prone form fell into the doorway. “Gods...” He slipped the sign on the outside door knob, grabbed the woman by the shoulders and shifted her back out into the hall. Shifting the hair out of her eyes he noticed a large purple bump on her forehead, and the bloody mess that was the side of her neck.. “Ouch” he said softly. “What happened to you?”

A slit appeared across the welt, opening to reveal a blood red eye.

Derek screamed like a girl.

The woman’s natural eyes also opened, and her arms reached for him. Derek continued screaming as he jumped back into the room and tried to slam the door “Guys!!! HELP!! WAKE UP!!” One of the thing’s arms was caught in the doorway.

“Dude, what’s with the noise?” One of the prone forms on the floor struggled to rise.

Alien Infection Zed
No. Enc.: 3d12/3d8
Alignment: Chaotic
Move: 180’ (60’)
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 2*
Attacks: 1 Slam or 1 Bite
Damage: 1d4+1 or 1+Special
Save: L2
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: VI

Project Genesis was launched on April 8, 2001 to collect samples of the solar wind and return it to Earth. Due to a design failure the collector module failed to deploy its parachute, and the sample collector crashed. At least that’s the official story. The reality is that the collector picked up more than solar wind particles. It encountered a micro-meteor shower that contained the seeds of an alien lifeform.

Anyone bitten by one of these creatures must make a saving throw vs poison at a -2 penalty or become infected by the alien parasite. The incubation period is 1d6+Wisdom score hours. Anyone infected may be cured by the application of 6 points of electrical damage.

My guess is that most of you have not yet read Night of the Living Trekkies but it was actually a fun read, and an appropriately sci-fi take on zombies.

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