Monday, March 19, 2012

Spell Checker

A while back I wrote about being a part of the OSR Community and how you can Help a Blogger Out by offering someone a bit of your time and effort. I feel that it is an important point, and one worth revisiting. Unless you like typing things off into the void without any thought of who might read it, or if you'll get some feedback, you want to be a part of a community.  That's why you write a blog, why you read other peoples blogs, and why you (hopefully) leave comments or even just +1's.

However I'm not here to proselytize, I'm posting to show that I've put my money* where my mouth is. If you go to my blog directly, you'll note a new link up at the top: Archmage's Spell Checker. This link goes to a page listing the various products that I've worked on as an editor/proofreader.

I've offered my services for free, with only a copy of the finished product given in return.

*As everyone knows Money = Time

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