Saturday, March 24, 2012

Starport Saturday - Coprt's Elemental Samples

C11: Coprt's Elemental Samples

This shop has small drawers all up the walls which contain plexiglass sample vials of various elements. Radioactive elements are stored in vials coated inside with porous lead-tyrrilium foil to soak up stray energy and particles. The center of the shop has waist-height shallow bins on tables containing all kinds of low-value junk minerals that tourists love to buy up.

The proprietor is Coprt, a 3' tall and wide reptilian biped with a toad-like expression. He dresses in vertical-slashed synthetic leather garments which allow him to move without his tiny horns tearing the clothing apart.

Coprt keeps several dozen trained creatures called Cleos that look like white-bearded monkeys. These assistants are of animal intelligence but can bring samples down from any of the drawers. These Cleos also pick up bits of minerals left on the ground, bringing them back to Coprt in exchange for treats like a squeeze-juice or honey crystal.

Secrets: Coprt has opened the communications duct in the wall of his shop, hidden behind a loose access panel behind the counter. The Cleos can use the duct to access any of the other shops in the facility. There are small passive audio-sensors hidden in the walls of these shops, planted by clever Cleos, and Coprt reviews the recordings that seem interesting every night. Each Cleo also has a small cybernetic radio device that skips off the nearby audio-sensors to allow Coprt a basic type of control over the Cleo (investigate, return to base, hide and be quiet, etc. but nothing too complex). Effectively, Coprt can hear through the ears of any Cleo if it's in the station.

Ra'zal knows that Coprt seems to know things that he shouldn't, and occasionally asks for information. The arrangement is pretty informal: Coprt gives Ra'zal information when he needs it, and Ra'zal doesn't snoop too much into Coprt's business.

Coprt's Elemental Samples brought to you by Dan of 1d30. If you want to join in, all you need to do is to pick one (or more) of the different stores, and write up a description of what type of store it is!

How to get involved: Leave me a comment or an e-mail letting me know you want to join in, and pick a space. Write your post (or posts if you’re feeling ambitious). Send me your post via e-mail, and I’ll get it up, probably on a Saturday.

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