Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tim Curry Tuesdays - Long John Silver

Welcome to Tim Curry Tuesday! In this week’s installment, I’d like to introduce you to Long John Silver: the peg-legged cook, pirate, quartermaster and villain of the wonderful book Treasure Island, and the fun adaptation Muppet Treasure Island!

As a pirate, Long John Silver will follow the rules as found in the rules Cyclopedia. Per the pirate entry on page 193, Long John Silver is most likely the equivilant of a 8th level fleet commander, or at least he was when he served as quarter master on Captain Flint's ship Walrus. By the time we get to the events of Treasure Island, Silver is probably at least 9th or 10th level.

Long John Silver
10th Level Neutral Fighter
48HP XP: 385,005

Str: 12
Int: 14
Wis: 13
Dex: 9
Con: 7
Cha: 15

Speed: 60' (20') peg leg

Equipment: Pete's Peg-leg (+3 to AC, Speed 150' (50') 1/day),Cutlass +3/+5 vs Sea Creatures, Treasure Map


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  2. Yo bro, where's the Muppet Love? Curry wasn't just in Treasure Island, he was in 'Muppets Treasure Island'! ;)

    As a fan of the Muppets and Tim Curry I wholeheartedly approve of this post.

  3. @Barking Alien - I'm glad you like it! I've updated the post with a link to the movie.