Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tim Curry Tuesdays - Cardinal Richelieu

Welcome to Tim Curry Tuesday! By popular demand you have chosen Cardinal Richelieu for this weeks post! Now, as you know, (or might imagine if you didn’t) Disney took some liberties with Dumas’ story by having Richelieu plot to overthrow the king. Clearly, there were other liberties as well, but for this post we’re going to focus on the character from the Disney movie.

Now, I know this is probably not what you’re expecting, but I think that Richelieu would work really well as a 4e Controller. This is probably in part because I just played a session of 4e, and I’ve got it on the brain. Don’t despair, I’ll be doing a Rules Cyclopedia version too.

Now, I see the movie as the story of how d'Artagnan became a Musketeer, and fitting in with 4e, how he got to about level 5. Setting Richelieu as a level 8 controller makes him a good opponent for a party to wrap up level 4 and push into level 5.

Now he isn’t much of a combatant himself, so he’s going to have only average HP, and cause only average damage with his basic attacks. However we’re going to give him several interesting powers that fit in with what happened in the movie.

He will clearly need some backup to take full advantage of his powers. I'd recommend lots of soldier minion swordsmen who arrive in waves, a really ugly 1/2 ogre or orc, and a highly competent one-eyed lieutenant. Oh, and lots of wonderful dialogue too!

Happy Tuesday!

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