Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Book of Vile Darkness: The Movie!!

I'm sure many of you remember WotC's Book of Vile Darkness that came out for 3.x DnD? Well it seems that not only are they coming out with a 4e version that may in fact be a boxed set (the Box of Vile Darkness?) as it seems to come with 2 books, but it's being paired with a new Dungeons and Dragons movie!!!


Made for TV!!


On the...  SyFy channel...

I suppose it could be worse. The elven ranger might use a crossbow and have nipples on her armor... oh, wait...

This time they got a big name for the main character. Jack Derges will be playing Grayson! You don't know Jack Derges?!?
He was on Causality! For 1 episode. Back in 2007.

Well, at least Elanore Gecks is the female lead.
According to IMDB she was the rollerblading friend from You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. Yeah, I didn't see it either.

Sadly I don't have cable, so I'm going to miss the World Debut of this fine piece of cinema. My guess is that it'll hit netflix pretty quickly though.


  1. Waiting for Netflix means you don't have to watch the endless mind-numbing commercial interruptions every 8 minutes!