Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sample Dungeon Rooms 9-11

Room 9 - This room has been furnished as a lounge by the bandits. The walls are decorated with a variety of tapestries that are beginning to molder. An odd assortment of mismatched tables and chairs are clustered around the room. Several decks of cards, a checkers set, and other games are on the various tables. None of them are complete. Behind the tapestry on the west side of the south wall is a 3’ diameter hole that leads to room 23.

Room 10 – This corridor is lined with prison cells. All of the cells are barred, and none seem to have doors.

Room 11 – Aside from a table and two chairs there is only one item of note: an 8 inch long skeleton key on a large ring hanging on the wall. Anyone grasping the ring (without holding the key) will instantly be teleported into the closest unoccupied cell. In order to open the cell the key must be held and tapped against the bars of the cell. A door will magically appear and open, only to disappear when the door is closed.

As the April A to Z Challenge has started, I’ll be posting the Sample Dungeon updates (as they’re written) on the remaining Sundays in lieu of the Sunday Inspirational Image posts.


  1. Nice use of the cells. I'm keeping my dungeon posts for Sundays too :)

  2. It seems the best option, given the A to Z challenge.