Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sample Dungeon Rooms 15-17

Room 15 - The dry husk of a bandits body lays face down in the middle of the room. A single piercing wound can be found between his shoulder blades. Clicking noises can be heard from the body. If poked, prodded, or otherwise disturbed several normal beetles will crawl out of the body, revealing the clicking noise. Aside from the body the room contains 19 casks of wine that has since turned to vinegar.

Room 16 - The wall of water dominates the northeastern corner of the room. In the northwest corner is what was once a doorway. The smashed remains of the wooden door, and good chunks of the stone door frame litter the ground in that corner. Light brought into this slick room may attract the notice of the stirges in room 22. Every turn the adventurers spend in this room roll a d6. On a 3+ the stirges have noticed them.

Room 17 - This room perceptibly dims any light source brought into it. In the center of the room is a 3’ wide pedestal, upon which sits a cut sapphire as big as a fist. The sapphire will sparkle incredibly as light sources are brought closer to it. This is a trap. The pedestal and the gem are illusions covering a 20’ deep pit trap.

I’ve decided how to resolve the problem with room 17 & 18. You’re going to have to wait till next week for it though.

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