Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Dungeon under Keegan's Keep - Game Prep

It has been many months since dice were rolled in actual game play at my table, but today my cousins are coming down to finish the Keep on the Shadowfell. I've written before about prepping for my game, and it's much the same this time around. One of the big differences is that aside from doing a bit of looking at the Monster Vault, I haven't really thought about 4e much lately. Mostly this is because I've been working on my megadungeon, running my megadungeon in a PbP game, and playing in Chicagowiz's OD&D modern PbP game. So I know that for both myself and my players it'll probably be a bit rough going as we all readjust our brains to 4e rules.

As before I've re-read KotS, re-read my previous posts about it too. I've also prepped those printable DM encounter sheets, as they were extremely useful last time! The miniatures have been presorted, and the battlemat is unrolled.

I'm going to keep notes on the game as we play, and as soon as I can I will write up a session report, as well as my thoughts on KotS and running 4e. It won't be immediate, as I have a midterm that I need to wrap up on Sunday.

Game on!


  1. Did you do many alterations to the adventure? Just curious.


  2. @sky~ I'll be doing a post at the end of the week about the game, but in short, I am using the Alexandrian's remix, and a bit from the H1-H3 Orcus conversion.