Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Stonehell: The Hidden Stash

Session 134 was played on 4/9

Karl, Dwarf 8 (Julia)
Hobart (dog)
Joho, Mystic (Chris)
Alwin, Elf 2 (Robert)
Boris of St. Gregory the Great, Cleric 2 (Jeff)
Elwood, Cleric 2 (NPC)
Torchbearers -
Arms-people -

The party finally makes its way into a section of caves they recognize, and starts heading up to level 2 to find the acolytes' cells. They face some zombies, find a glowing light on the ceiling of one chamber, find some glowing runes in another, face some wights guarding silver bars, kill some rats and other vermin, before arriving at the chamber spoken of in the note, complete with the hive of giant bees. Alwin uses his sleep spell on the hive, and the bees all settle down for a nice nap. Then the party sets them on fire.

After the flames die out and the smoke clears, the party begins digging under the flagstones. Karl finds the stashed treasure!

Heading for the exit, they wipe out some zombies before reaching the surface.

On the road back to town, a great shadow passes overhead. A black dragon! The beast swoops down, casting sleep on the party, sending Elwood and the torch bearer to sleep. On the next pass, as the party spreads out, it spits acid, catching Alwin. His flesh bubbles and burns, and he drops to the burned ground in a wet mess. On the next pass it drops down clawing and biting Elwood, tearing him apart. Boris charges in hammering the scaled beast, while Joho circles around to the other side.

The dragon tries to charm Boris, but he shakes off the enchantment, lashing out with his hammer. Joho slams his whole body into the neck of the dragon, flipping over and then under it, feet planted firmly into the ground. He launches a final blow up into the dragon’s jaw. The dragon’s head snaps up, and the crunch of bone can be clearly heard as his spine cracks.

Neither Alwin nor Elwood can be saved. What’s left of the injured party returns to town, hires a big wagon, and then retrieves the dragon’s body, bringing it first to Lady Eiric’s estate.

Gains: silver bars, gems, jewelry
Kills: Various vermin, skeletons, zombies, wights, and a BLACK DRAGON!
Losses: Alwin, Elwood

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