Friday, June 5, 2020

Stonehell: Zesting the Lemon

Session 132 was played on 4/2

Joho, Mystic 6 (Chris)
Ool, Mystic 1 (NPC)
Karl, Dwarf 8 (Julia)
Hobart (dog)
Kili, dwarven cleric of Cthulhu 5 (Matt)
Alwin, Elf 2 (Robert)
Boris of St. Gregory the Great, Cleric 2 (Jeff)
Elwood, Cleric 2 (NPC)
Torchbearers -

With the mushroom folk and the dryad dead around the party, the party attempts to cut the heart of the dryad out, but finds her insides are more uniform than expected. Rather like the fibrous stem of a mushroom than the fleshy insides of a humanoid. Figuring that they were now safe to continue exploring the dorms, the party continued opening doors. Revealing the odd treasure, and a variety of vermin, aggressive plants, and unthinking slimes.

Continuing to explore they check out the big blasted room with the neon mushrooms growing in it. Focusing most of their attention on the big mushroom, they look for a way to get inside it.

Okay, I was not expecting this. I figured it was gonna be cut down, burned, or somehow destroyed, but they wanted to get into it, thinking the treasure was IN the mushroom. So… sure… I went with it.

Finding a spot on the stem that looked like a seam, Joho gently pushed into it, one arm, then one leg, then the rest of him. It was damp, musty, tight, and deep in the confining space, Joho discovered the jewelry that Urushiol had hidden. He emerged and reentered the mushroom multiple times collecting the treasure and catching his breath. Finally he plopped out onto the mossy ground covered in neon goo.

On their way out of the Hothouse, they paused at the warded door. Knowing that Eiric had been here before, they still opted to get in. Karl got zapped by the door, showing the ward was still active. Borumar managed to temporarily disable the trap, but couldn’t unlock the door. So they loudly bashed it in. They were rewarded for their efforts with a hidden scroll that Eiric had missed.

Deciding they’d been lucky enough, they head out and back to town.

In town, Alwin, Elwood, and Karl throw a bash that would long be remembered, by people other than them. And horror of horrors, Karl regains consciousness and finds his hammer missing!!

Gains: Jewelry and a scroll
Kills: Various vermin
Losses: Karl’s Hammer!

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