Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Black Lives Matter!

And while we're on the subject: 
Trump is a criminal conman 
Black Lives Matter 
People > Property 
You can't be neutral in the face of racism. Pick a side. 


  1. Which side is the right side? Skin colour isnt race. Human is race. Perpetuating the belief that this is racism when its an ignorance of truth- perpetuated by both sides is why there is a problem. This is about Americans killing Americans. That requires the enforcement of laws to which everyone is equally accountable. If you are going to come back from where America is (or where it is yet headed), then you need a consensus as to what the future looks like. That is not the perpetuation of the existing inequalities, nor the perpetuation of the idea that the people who worked hard, paid their taxes, and didnt break the law, or protest when the elected leaders of what they had built called on them to sacrifice their futures are to blame because you now have no future other than as a corpse filling a hole.

    Only the uncivil need laws. Only children need to be governed. In a nation of equals, you need neither laws or government. You are at this moment behaving like uncivil children, and that reflects on your parents. You go forward together through consensus or not at all.

    1. If you are incapable of understanding the reality that black people are disproportionately systematically discriminated against, and that laws aren't used equally, and that that's why people are protesting and rioting, I don't know what to tell you.

      "Only the uncivil need laws. Only children need to be governed."

      Do me a favor and fuck off with this stupid libertarian bullshit, and delete my blog from your bookmarks.

    2. Sean, You will not see any more of your comments here. It's sad that you're unwilling to address the fact that racism is real, and that libertarian ideology is at best a fantasy and belongs in the realm of childish things you should grow out of.