Monday, May 7, 2018

Peacock Prince

I was inspired to pull this guy out of the box of unpainted Bones because of a mini on the Reaper forum.

Cyr painted up this archer with a beautiful cloak of peacock feathers, and while I wasn’t quite ready to tackle that level of detail, the colors called to me, and this guy happens to have a peacock on his shield… so!

After the usual wash and scrub in soapy water, and gluing him to a base, I base coated him with Brown Liner. Thankfully his integrated base was good enough that I didn’t feel the need to hack it off and replace it with something better. Keeping it mostly simple, the armor was blocked in with Shadowed Steel, and the shield got Dragon Bronze. I used Warrior flesh for the face with just a hint of Old West Rose for the cheeks and lower lip, and the Rich Leather up to Blond Shadow for the hair.

The cloak was painted with Viper Green blending into Oceanic Blue with green liner mixed in for the shadows, and pure white to bright up the highlights. I was aiming for a color shifting type effect. I think I got the idea across, but clearly it needs more work. I used the same colors for the peacock on the shield, and the Viper Green for the various gems.

I then brought up the armor with Blade Steel, and added some golden accents with Dragon Bronze, and then hit the really shiny parts with Mithral.

While it pales in comparison to Cyr's archer, I'm still pleased with him. Now just need to practice painting feathers...

Total Minis Painted in 2018: 32

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