Monday, May 14, 2018

Halloween Knight

Reaper's Halloween Knight was 2016's convention exclusive miniature, and is a great sculpt!

I actually finished painting him a while ago, but never got around to taking any pictures and sharing how I painted him. Aside from the head, this is was a relatively simple mini to paint. I keep calling it a tabletop quality mini, with a really nice head. I used the same colors to paint the gourd as I used to paint the robes of the King in Yellow, except that I added a bit of green into the grooves of the pumpkin.

The bulk of the armor was painted with shadowed steel, then washed with BloodHowl's Armor wash. I then brought it up with blade steel, and highlighted with honed steel.

The details were picked out with Dragon Gold (I think)

The cloak was painted with Imperial Purple brought up with increasing amounts of Linen White and Nightmare Black for the shadows. The inside of the cloak was painted with Muddy Olive, with linen white for the barest of highlights, and a touch of Imperial Purple for the shadows. It's not as clean or smooth as I'd like. Definitely need to work on that.

I don't remember what browns I used for the inside of the shield, but Nightmare black was used for the face of it.

Eventually I want to put him on a base, but that's going to wait till I decide on how I want to base him. I kinda want to theme it around a bunch of halloween figures and haven't settled on what yet. It'll probably involve pumpkins.

Total Minis Painted in 2018: 33

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