Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Punisher

I just finished watching the Netflix show The Punisher, and oh boy... It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this that I'm a fan of the MCU, both on the big screen and on streaming. My love lessens as we get to TV bits of the MCU. With that in mind, when they announced a standalone Punisher show, I was intrigued. Everything else that Netflix has done has all been a part of the Defenders storyline, and this would be taking things off on its own direction.

And it did... and it did NOT pull any punches.

And there are LOTS of punches... as well as bullet wounds, stabbing, smashing, kneecapping, and sledge hammering, just to name a few. Plus blood by the bucket full.

All to tell a story of revenge, of... justice? Honestly, it's hard to say. After 13 brutal episodes that took me until this week to get though... It's not a show I'll be revisiting. I am glad that I finished it before Jessica Jones season 2 hit Netflix (today actually), if only by a couple of days.

However, as it is only tangentially related to anything else that's happening in the Netflix-MCU, unless you're a big fan of violence, I'd skip this one.

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  1. !!! MAJOR SPOILERS !!!

    I felt that the inclusion of the PTSD-afflicted, disaffected soldier, turned-terrorist, sub-plot was not only lazy and pandering, but really did little to better the season, other than providing the track-switch which brought Frank's being alive to the public's attention.