Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dain DeepAxe

When my fellow Dwarf player in my 5e game saw Fulhoff, he was super impressed, which was nice. And I offered to slap some paint in the mini he'd picked, Dain Deepaxe. Now, like Ivar, this is a quick and dirty tabletop standard paint job.

After washing trimming the base, and using my Happy Seppuku base stamp (I really do love this thing) I base coated with Brown Liner.

And started with the eyes. They're the same green as Fulhoff's. Green, for greed...

Warrior flesh for the skin, and Auburn shadow for the beard and horns.

Muddy Olive for the pack.

Oceanic Blue for the cloth, Armor for the chainmail, helmet, shield, and axe.

He really looks like a prepaint here... terrible... The Sepia Wash doesn't help the look either.

Combination of browns for the various leather things, including Rich Leather, Ruddy Flesh, Tanned Leather, Dragon Red, and even a bit of Heraldic Red for the extreme highlights.

The horns went from brown up through Desert Stone, to Bone, to Linen White. I'm pleased with the effect, even though it took a lot of layers.

The Gold was originally done with New Gold, but it looked wrong, so I went back over it with Dragon Copper, and then gave bits of it a glaze of Armor Wash.

The shield was done with a blend of Armor and Armor Wash for the back. I wanted it to look a very dark metallic. The Copper and Gold pattern was carefully picked out with combination of dry brushing and very careful edging.

And here are the cousins together!

Total Minis Painted This Year: 23

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