Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 18 in Review

Stonehell continues! My players have opened a sublevel and let out a big bad mummy priest. Things have gotten a bit shook up! Need to catch up on my session reports...

My 5e campaign wrapped up, and as only of my players wanted to run Storm King's Thunder, I'm actually getting to PLAY!! It's AMAZING!! Last night was the 4th session of the game, and my dwarf wizard? Well, he's a character!

Shockingly productive month. Finished up and mailed off a couple of gifts, painted up some furry creatures for Frostgrave, converted a dwarf mini, and wrapped up my first Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago crew. Even finished up some old shelf of shame minis!

CPA Ninja Review...

Countdown to Infinity War Continues!
Captain America
Iron Man 3
Black Panther! (So good!)

Goals for March
Study! Study! Study!

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