Monday, March 5, 2018

F:GA Crew pt. 3

Apparently I haven't posted about my crew since December... Well, I've done a lot since then.

A lot! But how did I get to finished? Well, there were a lot of steps along the way...

As you can see in the far right, my Herator originally had a green coat. I hated it though, so I went to red. I thought about blue, but since the Warden was mostly blue already...

I kept the color palet simple. Muddy Olive green, Oceanic Blue, and Heraldic Red were the basic colors. Skin was done mostly with Tanned Leather. Keeping these colors consistent throughout helped make for a unified look for the crew. The hats helped too.

I did play a bit with the accessories. One guy got a backpack, another a belt pouch, a knife, and one a length of rope. The backpack I had to paint on straps.

I'm super pleased with how her face came out, and I love how the blue looks!

But do I ever dislike the fact that she's sculpted with a quiver. If I felt a little more confident, I might have cut off the arrows and turned it into some sort of scroll case.

I'm less pleased with her fact, but I think it ended up okay.

The highlights are a little cartoonish, but they pass the 3' test really well.

Total Minis Painted This Year: 21

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