Saturday, June 17, 2017

Stonehell Events

To make things a little more interesting, and to show how the nixthisis is responding to the party’s stomping through the dungeon, I want to put together a chart for events/moods of the dungeon. One thing that’s really become apparent is that lesser undead aren’t a threat, and most other low level monsters aren’t either, with the exception of things with poison or resistance to non-magical weapons.

Last session I actually bumped up the challenge in one room because even a single monster (wood golem) with resistance to magical weapons isn’t really a challenge, even though there are only 2 in the party (of 12+). 5th level characters really can just kind of stomp their way through a whole bunch of stuff. We’ll see if that holds when they decide to tackle the hobgoblins, which is going be soon, since the first level is seriously depopulated, and they’re in a prime position to expand!

1. Bad Moon Rising – Lycanthropes on the move!
2. The Stars Aren’t Right - All saving throws are at -1
3. Can’t sleep, the clowns will eat me – Any attempt to rest in the dungeon triggers a wandering monster roll
4. If these walls could talk – Ghosts, poltergeists, shadows all restless. Ectoplasm all over the place. Morale Rolls for NPCs required or fear effects.
5. Springtime, and everything is in bloom! – Fungal bloom. Save vs poison or suffer -1 to attack rolls due to allergies.
6. Small Men Resist – Highly organized tableaus all over the place. Mathematic equations written on walls.
7. The Dead Will Rise! – Any living thing killed will rise as an undead creature of appropriate HD and follow after their killers after 1d4 turns.
8. Earthquake! – Collapsed corridors/stairs? Flooding?
9. Redraw the map – A section of the dungeon shifts dramatically
10. Expansion – One power group expands their holdings into unoccupied area (if available) or against one of their neighbors.
11. Vermin Supreme – bugs, rats, and bats have a sudden population boom.
12. Quiet Time – roll d12 for wandering monsters. Reaction rolls tend away from fighting.
13. Spring Cleaning – Gelatinous Cubes scouring the halls, stairs, etc.
14. Where did that door come from: Hey look! A new sublevel opened up!
15. Nurgle’s Blessing – All monsters carriers of various diseases. Rat Plague, Mummy Rot, etc.
16. Warped Gate – Someone opened a portal, and it’s warping those around it.
17. Meet the New Boss – A wizard takes over an appropriate area (wizard’s school, hexperiment, etc.)
18. Blood for the Blood God – All attacks at -2 to hit, but melee attacks at +2 damage
19. Well that’s just Unseelie – The Wild Hunt visits Stonehell. Fey creatures hunting for victims. Pixies, gremlins, etc.
20. New Tenants – A new group takes up residence in the dungeon.

Thanks to Conrad W. Deitrick over on the FB Stonehell group for some ideas to flesh out the list!

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