Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Chainmail Elves

More Chainmail figures from my shelf of shame. The archer has seen some use in my Frostgrave warband, while the ranger mostly just needed his cloak finished off, and a few details picked out. Since I didn’t want to do a major repaint on either figure, this was mostly a case of dealing with the details and basing them both.

For the archer, she got a little color added to the leather helmet. After years of seeing what leather workers can do with both shapes and colors, this seemed an obvious choice. A little bit of touching up on the armor to bring out the highlights and darken the shadows. Then the hair… It was the same brown as the armor before, and I decided to make her a redhead using Reaper’s red hair triad, same as I did on the familiar.

The ranger got his cloak repainted to match basically every other grey/white fur cape I’ve painted. I really should work on a few other colors or patterns… I gave the quiver of arrows some paint, and painted the blades of the axes. I highlighted the hafts of the axes too. He also got the same hair as the archer.

For bases I think I'm going to opt for a more traditional wilderness spring/summer base, at least for her. The ranger might get the snowy Frostgrave style base.

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  1. I do like the old Chainmail figures, and have quite a few myself.