Monday, June 5, 2017

Goblin Commander and grunts

It’s apparently been 2 months since I last updated my progress on clearing the mountain of unpainted minis. Of course with Tuesday’s delivery of all those Bones minis, the pile has gotten excessively larger. But rather than focus on that, let’s look at the positive!

After finishing up the goblin shaman, I then moved on to the goblin commander from the same set, as well as the other 3 goblin warriors.

Since I had just painted some of these guys, I decided to do a little converting, and did some arm swaps. Of course the 2 different sculpts were differently handed, so I couldn’t just do a simple weapon swap. But with a big of greenstuff to hide the sins my clippers created, I ended up with a couple of new goblins.

The goblin in blue is a little bright, but that's okay. You can also see with the goblin on the left from the previous group of three, that I really brought up the highlights on the base. Gonna have to go back and fix that.

While they aren't going to win any prizes, they're solidly table top standard, and good enough for me!

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