Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Lucky Day In Felstad

Doctor Pain ushered Gnolly and Harad into the Phone Box, and closed the door behind him. “We’re done here. Let’s go end this war.” Marching up to the console, he pulls some levers, twists some knobs, and the familiar flashing lights and deep rumbling and pulsating whooshing noise. Feeling the Police Box slip into the time stream, he was surprised when it almost immediately landed.

Gnolly looked expectantly at him. “Is that it?”

Doctor Pain checked the console, took out his screwdriver, and headed to the door. The blast of cold air heralded the view of the frozen ruins of Felstad. Doctor Ecclescake sat perched on a broken column and smiled at him. “Afraid you haven’t found it yet. Come on, I’ve got an idea where it might be.”

On Sunday, June 25th, I joined the NEMPA/Knarthex Frostgrave Campaign in progress. Thankfully it was only the second game, so my warband (reset to level 0) wasn’t at very much of a disadvantage. We played a basic game, no scenario on a 4x4 table with 5 players. Originally we were going to have 4 players and just have everyone start in a corner, but with the 5th player, we decided on 8” starting areas that had to be at least 8” away from another players starting area. We placed treasure, and picked starting positions.

The players and their starting positions were:

Silvervane - Elementalist
Knarthex – Witch
Doug – Chronomancer
Chaoswolf - Thaumagturge
Me – Soothsayer

Besides the Doctors, my warband included 5 archers (Gnolly, Harad, Dunedain, Elfie, and Leaf) 2 thieves (Expendable 1, and Expendable Too) and Princess the dog.

Before we got started the Doctor Ecclescake successfully cast Reveal Secrets.

Turn 1
Doctor Ecclescake casts fleet (boosts for 1) on Expendable 1, and they plus Princess and Elfie head east.
Doctor Pain casts fleet (boosts for 1) on Expendable Too who heads immediately for the large stone ruin, climbing into the wondow, and they plug Gnolly and Dun head east.
Harad and Leaf also head east toward the log cabin.

Turn 2
Doctor Ecclescake teleports to the top level of the large ruin dominating this neighborhood of Felstad. Elfie climbs into the small ruin, and grabs the treasure tucked in the corner. Expendable 1 leaps up and starts climbing the outer wall around the big ruin.
A ghoul stumbles onto the board next to the Phone Box!
Doctor Pain tries to fleet Princess, and hurts himself. Expendable Too dashes across the stone ruin, grabbing the treasure tucked in the corner. Gnolly keeps with Doctor Pain, and draws a bead across to where Knarthex's witchband was emerging from the cemetery.
Harad tries to shoot the ghoul, misses, and keeps on toward the log cabin. Leaf does better, hurting the ghoul, and then keeping on away from the undead killer. Princess follows her nose to the outhouse.

Silvervane's warband hiding behind the tower and stairs.

Chaoswolf's warband taking over the fieldstone house.

Turn 3
Doctor Ecclescake stands at the tallest point in this area of Felstad, exposed to all. It’s an amazing view, and he can see everyone scrambling around looking for treasures to take back to their lairs, just like the one he’s standing next to, the one he hasn’t had a chance to grab… He sees the witch casting a spell. Telekenisis?!? Would this treasure be snatched from right next to him? But no, the witch had a different target. Unfortunately the witch’s archer took the opportunity to launch an arrow at him, sticking him for a painful lesson in standing in the middle of a shooting galary. He grabs the treasure and drops to the floor below, a little more protected than before. He can hear one of the Thaumaturge’s thieves crawling around below on the ground floor.

Doctor Pain also sees the thief, and tries to Mind Control him, but ends up with a massive migraine and 2 points of damage. The thief scurries out of sight with a treasure.
Harad takes another shot at the ghoul, now just below Elfie, dropping the beast. Leaf dives through the window of the cabin, and rolls to a stop next to another treasure and snags it. Expendable Too grabs the treasure off of the outer wall that he’d climbed, drops to the ground, and runs back toward Doctor Pain. Princess hears the Thaumaturge’s thug lurking near the outhouse and growls menacingly.

Turn 4
Seeing that he was still not in a great position, being able to see so many eyes trained on him, he Teleports back to the relative safety of the Phone Box.
Across the way, Doctor Pain see’s the witch’s barbarian carrying a treasure, and Mind Controls him, unfortunately it happens just as the Elementalist’s barbarian charges him. They exchange blows, and the Mind Controlled on gets a solid hit on his head, which breaks the spell.
Harad, Gnolly, and Dune all take potshots at various figures on the board. Only Dune’s hits, landing a very painful shot onto the Chronomancer’s thief’s ass as he hobbles away carrying a treasure. Meanwhile Expendable 1 makes it off the board with the band’s first treasure.

Turn 5
Triggering what will long be remembered as some of the worst spellcasting streak ever, Doctor Ecclescake fails to Fleet Gnolly. Doctor Pain spots the Thaumaturge’s dwarf about to sneak away with a treasure, and fails badly to mind control him.
Leaf, Expendable Too and Princess make it off the board. Gnolly grabs the treasure that’s been sitting next to the Phone Box all game. Harad grabs the treasure from the outhouse, as the Thaumaturge’s archers give up their perch on the roof of the fieldstone house.

Who taught Chaoswolf "Animate Tower"?!? (he was actually just checking line of sight... )

Turn 6
Doctor Ecclescake gives himself a migraine to match Doctor Pain’s migraine trying to Fleet Harad. Doctor Pain can’t see through his migraine well enough to get the spell off either. Both take 2 points of damage.
Gnolly and Elfie run off the board with their treasures. Dune covers Harad’s retreat with the treasure.
The Thaumaturge, his archers and Templar leave the safety of the fieldstone house and take off after Harad and Dune.

Turn 7
Once again, both Doctors fail to fleet Harad and take damage in the attempt. Doctor Pain finds himself in the line of fire from the witch, but manages to avoid the bone dart that comes his way. Doctor Ecclescake decides that enough is enough and calls for the rest of the group to retreat. He takes his own advice, and the treasure, and leaves the board. Harad and Dune take cover behind the corner of the log cabin.

Turn 8
The remaining members of the Witch’s band depart the board, ending the game before the Thaumaturge could attempt to slay Harad and Dune and take the treasure for themselves.

Back at the tower, the Doctors check over the 7 treasures they’ve managed to secure!!
3 Grimoires (Miraculous Cure x2, Awareness)
2 Potions (Toughness, Explosive Cocktail)
2 magic hand weapons +2
A Robe of Arrow Turning
580 Gold (830 after selling the spare Grimoire of Miraculous Cure)

Doctor Ecclescake also successfully managed to Absorb Knowledge for a little XP boost, and now sits comfortably at level 4.

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