Saturday, June 10, 2017

ReaperCon Prep

This time last year I was plugging away at Nathavar, getting it ready to enter into ReaperCon’s painting contest. So far this year I’ve got ideas for entries in the Diorama and Ordnance categories, but I haven’t started on either of them, and have nothing that I’d consider worthy of entry in the single figure category yet. As the con is in October, and a good chunk of August and September are going to be lost to familial obligations, I need to settle down and get to it… But what to work on?

Things I have planned:
For my ordnance project I’m thinking the Sledgehammer BFG. It’s gonna be a popular choice this year, but I got it, so I might as well do it, right? It’s been a LONG time since I last painted a tank, and even those were for my 40K World Eaters army, so not exactly what you’d consider at all realistic in either form or color. The BFG on the other hand is practically straight out of WWI. It’ll be an interesting challenge.

For the diorama, I’m thinking of a small dungeon hallway, with some adventurers escorting a pregnant woman while monsters lurk nearby. This will include some OSL, as at least one figure will have a torch. The figures will all be from the Sensible Shoes kickstarters, except for the monsters. I may use some Bones for this… And for the dungeon floor/walls? Poster board maybe? Or Hirst Arts bricks. I’ve got plenty cast up, just need to snag them… Alternately, the same group of figures passing a graveyard, using some of the bits from the Bones 3 Graveyard expansion. Might be a bit easier to make, and easier to transport… Especially if I magnetize most of it. The adventurers would look better in a dungeon though.

I could honestly spend 2 months working on just one of these ideas, and forget even thinking about entering anything in the Open/Painters category. I think I’m going to start with the diorama. Fewer figures, less to build. If I can get it done, I’ll move on to the BFG.

For single figures, there are a lot of options. At the top of my short list are:
Reaper's Halloween Knight
ReaperCon disciple of cthon
Bombshell Samurai
Reaper's Hyrekia
Victoria Miniatures' The Spanish Inquisition (bet you didn't expect that, did you?)

The nice thing about a single figure is that it’s a single figure, and I can keep it on hand, ready to be worked on a bit at a time. Just need to decide on which one it’s going to be.

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