Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Krelka, Goblin Sorcerer

Krelka’s brow dripped sweat as he stirred the mixture in the small black iron pot. His tent flap was closed, and the smoke was having a hard time escaping through the small hole above him. Checking the scroll again, he added the dead man’s toes. All 10, though he wasn’t sure they were all from the same dead man. Shouldn’t matter. If it was important the spell would have said so. He wasn’t going to drink the vile brew anyway!

His beard and moustache were soaked with sweat, and he had to keep tucking it back and out of the pot. It was filthy with the grime of his last meal, he didn’t want any of it in the potion. What was his last meal? His stomach gurgled at the thought. More importantly, when was it?

It was an unexpected gift, this scroll. Sent by the orc shaman as a bribe. With a note. This upset the rest of the clan mightily. Superstitious lot, terrified of words written in blood. Then again, given what the scroll said, they were right to be fearful. This potion would be their death whether it worked or not. It was merely a matter of whether or not they would survive long enough to be useful.

Giving the pot a final stir, he put the lid on, and knocked down the fire. The wood had mostly burned down, and the dim red glow of coals replaced the burning yellow of the flame. The tent was still thick with smoke. He breathed it in, and tossed a small bundle of dried herbs onto the fire. They burned with a flash, releasing a sweet fragrance into the smoky air. Krelka squatted down and looked into the embers.

“Grot!” He yelled toward the closed tent flap.

The young goblin stuck it’s head through the opening. “Yes shaman?”

“Fetch me food, and be quick about it. This ritual has left me hungry. And send for Grilkish! I have news for him.”

“Is it about the writing the orc warlock you?”

“Who are you to ask! Go before I dunk you into my pot!” Krelka wasn’t even halfway through his scolding before the grot was running from the tent. “Insolent little…” Somewhere in the smoke above his little demonic spider familiar laughed as it luxuriated in the heat and smoke.

Krelka, Goblin Shaman 5
Armor Class: 5
Hit Points: 20 (M)
Move: 90' (30')
Attacks: 1 staff or spell
Damage: 1d6, or by spell
Save As: C4
Morale: 8
Treasure Type:
Intelligence: 12
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value:

Special: Demonic Spider "Familiar" As long as this unholy creature lives all spells cast by Krelka count as if being cast by a shaman of 2 levels higher. Stats as a Rat, but with a poisonous bite (save vs poison or die), immunity to non-magic weapons, turned as a Ghoul.

Vile and uncaring about any in his tribe, unlike Grilkish, Kerlka is interested only in the power he can acquire, whether from coerced demons, odd allies like the orcs, or from the bodies of adventurers slain by the tribe. He was a runty little grot, and picked on. Only when the old shaman tested him and the rest of his litter was he singled out for something other than harassment and humiliation. And it takes a lot to humiliate a goblin…

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