Monday, July 20, 2015

Review: Ant-Man

I'm not really familiar with Ant-Man from the comics, but I've been really enjoying just about everything Marvel has put out for the MCU, from Iron Man to Agents of Shield to Daredevil. Ant-Man continues the meet my expectations. And, in the tradition of mixing genres, I always enjoy a good heist movie. Ocean's Eleven is one of my favorites!

Like all of the movies, there's plenty of silly. From the line about calling in the Avengers, to the entire shower scene, they manage to weave in lots of ridiculous things yet at the same time keep everything grounded in reality (at least comic reality) and give it all a sense of actually being important. Rarely is there a throwaway gag tossed in just for laughs.

Tauriel, I mean Evangeline Lilly's Hope comes off too much like Bryce Dallas Howard's Clair from Jurassic World, at least at first. The haircut and the suit... Just unfortunate that they're both released around the same time. However as the movie progresses her overall competence and character arc are much more developed. And I honestly believed the romantic development between Hope and Rudd's Scott way more than I did between Clair and Owen.

Paul Rudd was, I think, the perfect choice for Scott Lang. No shock, since he helped to write the screenplay!

Michael Douglas as Hank Pym pulled off the old retired superhero really well. Also, I liked how this was the first origin movie where it wasn't the original origin, but the origin of the second guy to wear the suit. That was a neat spin, and allowed some interesting things with the story.

While this wasn't one of my top 3 marvel movies overall, it's a solid entry into the pack. And let's be fair, they've set the bar really high.

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