Saturday, July 4, 2015

#6MMRPC Week 5: All about the base

Work continued on the base for Ebonwrath, though not directly. Rather on the test base.
I added a Mage Knight dryad and some cork, and then used hot glue to make a border.

Add in some water effects... and wait.

But I also wanted to see what some ink added to the effects would do, so I made another little section, and tried that out.

Make sure that whatever you use to seal in the water effects actually seals. The smaller section leaked out under the glue. The larger section leaked a little bit.
From what I can tell the ink made it more murky. I like the effect.
If you catch it at the right time, a bit of brush work on the water effect can create texture.

A big chunk of time I'd planned on working on minis this week got sucked up by Comcast screwing up my internet. I did take advantage of some time spent on hold working on Darkrasp so it wasn't totally wasted... but I really wish that there was another internet provider option... 

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  1. I think its good you are experimenting before doing the actual base, water effects seem to be unpredictable to me, though I am looking forward to experimenting with them myself. I hope your internet issues resolve soon.

    Happy Painting