Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#6MMRPC Week 8: Elf & Bones

In spite of my focus on minis this past week, it wasn't really on getting any of my mountain reduced. Really, it was all about making it bigger. With the conclusion of Bones 3, I'll be adding almost 300 new miniatures to my mountain. Granted, this does include every individual weapon from the various conversion sets and individual tombstones, but even discounting those, it's still a more massive addition to my mountain than I expect to dig out between now and then.

So... I guess that's 1 of my Jokers....

Beyond watching the kickstarter, I found myself helping out with it. A group of fans were keeping track of the hourly numbers, running various statistics on them, and sharing the results. The really cool thing about it was the fact that Bryan (from Reaper) actually was checking in on our numbers!  Now that the kickstarter is over though, I still find myself wanting to check in every hour and update the numbers...

Further, I've created a Google sheet that lists each and every mini that comes in Bones 3 in case you want to keep track of them on a spreadsheet like I do.

This is the Google sheet with the Bones 3 minis.
This is my personal miniature tracking sheet, so you can see how I'm using it

The other Joker that I've used was picking up a set of Enterprise (1701, A, and B) models in 1/2500 scale from Amazon. I was rounding out an order for free shipping (they always get you...) and I tossed it in, thinking that I could add them to my (as yet unassembled) DS9 model. Now, as it isn't really a gaming miniature, and I have no plans on ever actually gaming with them, maybe they shouldn't count. The general consensus on the FB group was that it didn't count.

I also got some computer parts to help my old e-machine limp along a little longer.

But here's the thing... Most of the miniatures I buy I don't have any specific intention on using in a game. Those 300 minis from Bones 3? Mostly, I just want to paint them. If they never see the table, I'll be 100% fine with that. So, while it might not be official, I'm counting it for my challenge.

I did do some further work on Anirion. I went really simple with the edging of his robe, only doing a basic slash pattern with orange paint. I still need to do a bit of work on the staff, and bring out some of the highlighting on the robe, but aside from that, I think I'm done with him. Expect finished pics next week! 


  1. I don't know if plastic non-wargaming models would count either. What does your conscience say?

  2. Yeah, I stayed away from Bones 3. I need more minis like I need a hole in my... wallet.

    But you should count the models.

    And paint them to recharge the spent joker!

  3. Personally, I consider scale models a different hobby than miniatures used for gaming (even if said minis don't get used for that purpose). That's why my vote on the models was that they shouldn't count. ;-)

    As far as Anirion, I really like the edging you added. It gives the hem of the robe an excellent texture!

  4. Anirion looks good. I think it's pretty easy with this fig to have a huge un-distinguished canvas. You've managed to break it up and look good.