Monday, July 6, 2015

NPC: Old Vashoth

"Who?" Feris asked.

"Old Vashoth. He lives up stream, about half a mile or so." The farmer pointed vaguely with his scruffy chin.

"And he can tell us about the old citadel?"

"Well, I can't say fer sure... but he's old. Been around for a while."

"That's usually what old means." Nimble mumbled.

"Aye, aye..." the farmer nodded "but Old Vashoth, he's been around." He looked expectantly at Nimble, who stared back blankly. "You know, around here. Local like."


"But... uh... you'd best be careful poking around. I heard he turned Goodman Barak's son into a raven last summer. Went to go talk to him about some map or scroll or something he'd pulled out of the attic, wasn't seen for months. But during that time, Old Vashoth had a crow in his shoulder. Soran wouldn't talk about it when he showed up in the upper cornfield right at harvest time. But his hair was black..."

"We'll be careful." Nimble promised.

Old Vashoth
Tiefling/Demon-touched Sage/7th level Wokan
Master of local lore and veteran of the last great Chaos wars (though he won't generally talk about that)

Old Vashoth was cursed with immortality during the last great war. Unfortunately he wasn't blessed to remain young. At this point in his existence he alternates between searching for a means to become young (or at least younger) or a way to finally die. He's given up on violent means to end his life, as they tend to be extremely painful to recover from.

Image by Joseph Becci


  1. Very cool, is this a character you created? I like him a lot! That art is awesome too - the style really fits the mood

  2. This is awesome. So much detail about him from so little an intro.
    Well done. Did you draw him yourself?