Monday, July 27, 2015

Gary Gygax Day

E. Gary Gygax "Father of the modern Role Play Game" was born this day, July 27, 1938. He created the game that brought all of us together. The game that started most of us on this journey in exploration of history and mythology, in the study of math and science, and the practice of getting together with friends and creating through our play and the magic of some funny looking dice, stories that we tell years after the fact about characters that exist only in our collective imagination. We honour him every time we gather our friends and play role playing games around a table or across the internet. But let us take a moment today to raise our glasses and celebrate the man who made it all possible!

If you need an idea of how, specifically to honor him the next time you gather at the gaming table, this site has some decent ideas.

It's also, not coincidentally, the start of Read an RPG Book in Public Week. I'll be reading A Red And Pleasant Land today at lunch, outside if the weather cooperates.

And for those NOT attending Gen Con this year, don't forget about AntiGen Con!

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  1. Yay! My birthday too - that's made me a happy bunny indeed! Great news.

    - And I shall endeavour to read a rulebook in public, too!