Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y: Yellow

"These all bear the mark of the King in Yellow." Feris said, careful to avoid even touching the gold place settings around the table.

"Which means we've got his cursed spawn running around here somewhere..." Rathgar looked from door to door.

"Very likely." Allianora said. "And this is not a good place to be when they find us."

"You mean when we find them, right?" Feris asked.

"Let's hope so." Nimble replied, tearing his eyes from the golden plates and chalices. "What, umm... what sort of cursed things?"

"The spawn of the King in Yellow are mad, and they bleed constantly." Allianora began, moving toward the next door. "They try to distract themselves from their madness by causing themselves pain. Usually through tattoos and piercings that never heal. If they can cause you to hear the King's whisperings..."

"Right" Nimble nodded "Listening to the King in Yellow is bad. Got it."

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