Wednesday, April 22, 2015

S: Statues

Sunlight filtered through narrow stained glass windows, casting a fractured rainbow into the broken statues that littered the great hall. Somewhere in the buttresses a robin sang. “I guess that we’re not going to be able to save the kids?” Nimble asked, knowing the answer.

“No.” Allianora said sadly.

“We’ve fought a medusa before. We can take another one now.” Feris said, and then began to weave a spell. The light in the hall became more diffuse, and then a cool mist began to fill the space.

“Remember, keep close, and don’t make eye contact.” Rathgar said, dropping the visor of his helm. Shield ready, he gripped his spear loosely, and pushed the doors open as he entered, his companions close behind. Nimble closed the door behind them.

Keeping to the wall, the party advanced until Rathgar spotted a figure ahead. “I see it” he said over his shoulder.

The figure shifted in the mist. “Fools” the unexpectedly deep voice rumbled. The figure moved again, throwing something.

It clattered off of Rathgar’s shield. He grinned, and shifted his grip on the spear. He took a step toward the figure before noticing the heft of his shield increasing, and a crackling noise coming from it. “Frelling magic” he cursed, pulling his arm from the shield. It shattered into stone fragments when it hit the floor.

I'm afraid from this point on I didn't finish scanning in the maps. I'll post them when I'm back from my hike!

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