Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M: Magic

With a click Nimble unlocked the rusted steel door, and pulled it gently open. The chamber beyond was truly a dungeon cell. Manacles hung from the walls in regularly spaced intervals, and a drain to… somewhere was in the center of this slightly sloped floor. A single form slumped in the corner, with small black, white and red squares lay scattered around the yellowed bones and rotted rags.

“Poor guy must have starved to death.”

“Lousy way to go.”

“Well, it’s been a long time since anyone could do anything for him. Shall we check it out?”

Nimble went first, poking around with the butt of his spear. He then reached down, picking up on of the small red tiles. It was warm to the touch, made of some sort of stone, and cut into a perfect square. Around him, the cell began to change. The brickwork below his feet turned red and smooth like the tile in his hands. The walls covered over with black and white tiles. The iron door of the cage morphed into a great set of double doors, and beyond a figure cloaked in a hooded yellow robe looked menacingly at the companions. "Oh... not good..."

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  1. And M is for Midway point of A to Z! Thanks for your continued participation!

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