Friday, April 10, 2015

I: Inscription, Helpful

The intricately shaved camel chewed unconcerned as the people around it talked, only occasionally belching or braying to express it’s mild annoyance at standing around “I am sorry Holy One, I can not help you.” the nomad figited. “I can not take you to where you want to go. No one can.”

“Can not, or will not?”Allianora asked.

The man’s robes billowed as another gust of sandy wind caused everyone to protect their eyes. Placing his hand upon his camel’s neck he asked “Does it matter Holy One? The result is the same.”

Allianora sighed in frustration “What about a map? Does anyone have a map?”

“A map to a lost city in the Great Wastes? Such a thing does not exist! Otherwise the city would not be lost.”

She turned to her companions. “No map, and no help.”

Rathgar kicked the sand. “This twice-cursed litter box will be the death of us if we just wander around blindly.”

Nimble cocked his head to the side and said “Buy his camel.”

“You hate camels. Besides, we have enough already.” Feris said.

“Buy the camel” Nimble said, his gaze fixed on Alianora.

Moving away from the nomad’s camp, Allianora stepped up to Nimble who was leading the camel. “Why did we trade one of our camels and that golden bracelet for this camel?”

Nimble pointed to a section on the camels flank. “If those symbols are mountains, these are the sea, then this is where we are now, and that…”

“Is the city…”


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