Friday, April 3, 2015

C: Low Ceiling Cave

The goblins skurried into the cavern, the child dragged between them. They giggled merrily as they fell into darkness, the girl’s screams echoing back toward the party as they reached the cavern entrance.

“I’m not going in there” Rathgar stated flatly.

“They’re getting away.” Alianora snarled.

“We’ll catch them, but look at this.. none of us could walk upright.”

“It’s the perfect opportunity for an ambush. We’ll be trapped in a spot where we can’t fight effectively. It would be suicide.” Nimble warned.

“Feris, can you do anything?” Alianora demanded.

“I don’t have a spell to shrink us down, nor the power to raise the ceiling… But I think I have the formula to brew a potion that might help.

“How long?” Alianora demanded.

“A day..” Feris said. “Maybe two.”


  1. Will they err on the side of caution or push on any way?? In such a dire situation a day or two's wait seems like an eternity.

    1. Amen sister.

      I know it makes sense from a gameist point of view but 10' cubical dungeon sections always bothered me. Why would a dwarf/goblin/kobold or even a person for that matter dig a 10' high ceiling?

  2. Our DM tried this once... and quickly realized that we had a halfling, a Dwarf, and a half-elf that was 5' tall... :D

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