Friday, April 17, 2015

O: Ooze, Soap Bubble

“Ok, what’s that?” Allianora pointed down the corridor. Glistening in the lantern light, a large cluster of bubbles bobbed along bouncing off the walls and floor.

“New one on me.” Feris answered. “Looks like soap bubbles.”

“I knew this bag of endless rats would come in handy.” Nimble smiled, reaching into the sack. He tossed the squeaking rodent at the bubbles. It passed easily through them, landing easily on the dungeon floor. It squeaked again, and shook its now glistening fur. It then sat up to wash its face and began flailing about in obvious pain. Moments later it fell to the ground twitching before it collapsed into a gooey mess. “Oh…” Nimble’s bloodless face looked on in horror as the former rat began to bubble up.

“How about a little fire?” Nimble spread his fingers, sending a sheet of flame down the corridor, popping the bubbles with an acidic hiss.

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  1. Dropping in from the A to Z, your characters have themselves an interesting situation. I have given your blog a shout out from my own post today