Friday, September 26, 2014

Whispers from the Well 9/21

Your weekly update of the goings on in Stonehell
As reported by the tavernkeepers of the Ogre Face  Inn

1sp/Issue, subscriptions available at a discounted rate

Rescue attempt unsuccessful!

3 brave adventurers headed down the well in search of a fellow temple-goer who failed to return from an expedition into Stonehell. Able, the human warrior was specifically looking for Cain the paladin and his companions Reda the pointy eared half breed sorceress, Oden the pointy eared sneak, and Arroo the demonspawn barbarian. Scarn, a pointy eared half breed sorcerer came to the tavern with Cain, and they hooked up with the gnome Zook who’s been hanging out in the taproom just waiting for a group to hook up with.

When they didn’t return after several hours, the betting odds got pretty steep that this novice group wouldn’t return! Thankfully, per bar rules, no bets are paid out on parties until they’ve been missing for a week, or conclusive evidence is brought back to the surface.

Sadly, when they did return to the well, they hadn’t found any evidence of Cain or the other’s he’d gone down with. After a few mugs of ale tales of rats and orcs were told aplenty! And it seems the expedition wasn’t a complete loss, as they did return with a variety of alchemical equipment, a beetle’s fire gland, and something that might be of interest to Sezrekan the wizard!

If anyone has any knowledge of the whereabouts of Cain, Reda, Oden, or Arroo, please be sure to stop by and tell Able. He might even part with coin for the information!

Whispers from the Well

The Market is said to be open again, for those who truck with kobolds… As before, it’s neutral territory, so don’t go looking for a fight!

The Howling Wolf tribe is at war with the Open Sore tribe again. Talking heads put the odds 2:1 in against the Howling Wolf goblins this time, due to a whispered alliance with a mysterious hooded figure seen conversing with some of the Open Sore Orcs.

The Checkered Bandits have been seen in the halls below the tavern. Best keep an eye out… their lair may connect to Stonehell, or it might even be in it!

Dead ends with scorched walls aren’t places you want to get caught in. Just saying.

Bree-Yark is the password that opens a series of secret chambers inhabited by the dead.


Laurina is looking for an amulet believed to be interred with her great great grandmother.

Willifred is willing to pay top coin for giant rat tails and hides. 5cp/tail & 5sp/hide. hides must be (mostly) intact.

Drake Stonehand is looking for his cousin Snori. A reward of 200gp is offered for his safe return.

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