Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#6MMRPC week 3

I'm glad I didn't make getting these posts up on Sunday a main goal for myself...

Some real progress this week! Still crappy photos though.

First up, the Black Orcs are pretty much done. I again spent some time outside enjoying the weather, and painting at the same time.

I also got Norgol, Irongrave Knight/Chaos Warrior painted up. He's a nice simple figure, and an easy one to knock off the to-do list.

After that, I started working on Halbarand the Cleric. I'm painting him up with a purple cloak and an orange talbard. He's going to be my Halloween Knight in anticipation of all the ghouls I'll work on in October.

Here you can see the base colors. No detail work tonight. I did spend a little bit of time cleaning up Jake Ryan the Hero Explorer, and also a bit of cleanup and destruction in a resin ship that's going to become a shot-up hulk.


  1. I have that cleric waiting for paint as well. I like that you're painting him up for Halloween to face off against the undead hordes.

    1. Have to... once October hits, it's all undead, all the time!